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Parents » Weekly Update with Dr. Barker

Weekly Update with Dr. Barker

Week of March 14, 2016: "God's faithful"

Each week our students rely on God’s faithfulness when they take on difficult tasks. We have just finished our 3rd quarter and the hard work of our students is shining through their grades. Our 11th and 12th grade students are taking two new courses from LA Harbor College: Abnormal Psychology 14 and Biology 3.   Each semester students begin a new course. They learn the different expectations in courses and how each course has its own challenges. This week in Biology 3 students continued to score well on exams, labs, and tests because of their dedication to studying.


God has been correspondingly helping students at the Piano, in the Pageant and on the Golf course. We have an incredible 9th grade student who is earning her college Merit + certificate in Piano at El Camino College. Each night and during study hall she practices four musical pieces she will performed this past Sunday.   At Rolling Hills Covenant, AHS has three students in the Resurrection painting of the Pageant of the Lord, one student in the Christ before Pilate, and one student in the Pietà painting. Our Art teacher Mr. Hicks is the Art Director at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. Finally, I want to congratulate our lone Golfer Ryan, for placing 1st in the Mulholland League golf competitions. Ryan shot a 1 over par 35 this week and remains in 1st place. Our students live out the scripture that states, “With God all things are possible.”

Week of March 7, 2016

My heart for this blog is for everyone to hear some of the great testimonies I hear everyday at Ambassador High as God leads us. Being a Christian high school affords us with the ability to give God the credit for the remarkable things He does daily in our lives.


Our students have accepted the task of preparing for college through their hard work and this effort is a team approach by the students, parents, teachers and school administration.


This week our mission team is getting ready for the Mexico Mission trip. Our students are filling out the forms and we have to get all the logistics prepared before we leave April 2nd. I have been communicating with Pastor Don from Pan Da Vida in Mexicali to discuss our projects to help the church. Our student leaders are Kate, Jasmine and Steven and the theme for our vacation bible school at the church during the day is the “Fruit of the Spirit.” In addition to VBS, Mr. Hicks is leading a group to paint a mural on a wall next to the church. During the evenings AHS stays at the APU campsite with hundreds of other churches and students.


Yesterday, our Golf Team lead by Ryan, placed 1st in our Mulholland League match at the Penmar Golf Course in Los Angeles.  Mr. Giampaoli and the Boys volleyball team will be hosting the 1st Varsity Boys volleyball tournament at Ambassador High this Friday night. Patrick, our only swim team member competed in the Varsity Maranatha High School Swim Meeting this week in the 100M and the 200M IM. I am so proud of Patrick for his hard work in the pool.