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Athletic Fees

*All the information below is also in the Athletic Clearance Packet.*

1) Mandatory Fundraising

An athlete must fundraise $225 to help offset the cost of officials, facility rentals, and equipment. If the athlete does not fundraise then the $225 fundraising fee will be added to the athletic fee. There is no cut off amount in fundraising. An athlete can fundraise all cost and any excess would go to general athletic fund. The fundraiser fee can be accomplished two ways. 

  1. Booster Club - $50 credit towards fundraising fee when family joins Cardinal membership and $100 credit towards fundraising fee when family joins Gold membership.
  2. Sponsorship Banners - Coach Duperron has sponsor letters to give to parents, companies, and small business that would like to purchase banner space at AHS games. $125 credit towards fundraising Fee with 1 banner sale. Banners are 2.5Ft x 4Ft.

2) Transportation Fee

All student athletes are required to travel to and from all sporting events with AHS staff. To be cleared to drive with a parent, the parent must email the athletic director 24 hours before the event and the athletic director will notify the head coach. All drivers are cleared and background checked employees of Ambassador High School. The transportation fee is a one time payment of $125.

3) Coaching Stipends

The two fundraising events that AHS Athletics sponsor are the pancake breakfast and the winter shoot-a-thon. All proceeds go to paying our coaches and the two events will help off set our coaching staff cost. All athletes must attend AHS athletic fundraising. 

4) Spirit Packs

Student athlete in one season of activity


Student athlete in two or more seasons of activities