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Partner With Us!

We here at the Ambassador ISS team would love to get you involved with our endeavours to perform science. If you would like to partner with or support us, please contact any of the people listed below:
A partial list of our supporters
- Juergen G. Schimmer
- Alexander Porter
- Dr. John D. DeSain
- M. Pechner
- Chris Sutherland
- Scott Roderick
- Jeffrey L Smith
- Stephen Martin
- James Wanga
- SETI International
- Kim Sannes
- Liam Kennedy
- Rick Leacock
- Kevin
- Reed Leavitt
- Matt Stanbery
- Yann Eves
- Radford Slough
- Louise Löwenspets
- Eico Neumann
- Amy Collette
- The SETI Institute
Special Contributors
- Stephen Colbert was kind enough to send us a signed picture with the message “Stay Strong.” Thank you Mr. Colbert!
- Astronaut Yvonne D. Cagle also sent us a signed picture saying "Ambassador High School, saving you a seat! Ad astra! [To the stars!]" Thank you for your support, Dr. Cagle!