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Math Club

Welcome to the AHS Math Club. If you are struggling on a certain homework problem, studying for a test, or just math in general, we are here to help you (judgement free)! If you have any questions or would like to be a tutor in Math Club, please talk to Suzy Moon.
Please look at the days and times below that a student-tutor is able to meet with you. Talk with the Match Club tutors ahead of time and schedule a meeting with them on the available days/times.
3:00pm -4:00pm
       Schedule with Aled or Patrick.
9:21am - 10:06am (Period 3)
       Schedule with Alyssa Bobich or Tylin Backhoum.
12:27-1:12 (Per. 6)
      Schedule with Suzy.
3:00pm -4:00pm
       Schedule with Aled or Patrick.
Lunch time
       Schedule with any Math Club tutor (Aled, Alyssa, Patrick, Suzy, True, or Tylin).
3:00pm -4:00pm
       Schedule with Aled or Patrick.