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Pastor and Military Discount

Pastor's Discount

About the Pastor's Discount
Ambassador High School desires to improve the accessibility of AHS for pastors’ families and partners with local churches by providing a tuition discount for pastors’ children. The purpose of the pastors’ discount is to provide assistance toward s tuition fees for pastors who are currently employed by a church to help with the costs of Christian education. Partnering with local churches and Pastors is an integral part of Ambassador High School.

The discount applies to families of pastors with a full time position at an established Christian church. Head Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Youth Pastors are all eligible for the discount. Families with dual incomes where the spouse has an income that exceeds that of the pastor’s are not eligible for a tuition discount higher than 25%. While financial need is not evaluated, it is expected that this discount will be sought only when truly needed.

Apply for Discount
Please click the link below to view and print the Pastor's Discount application. It can be returned to our school office at 540 Maple Ave., Torrance, CA 90503 or emailed to