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Financial Aid

Moderated Tuition Grants

Ambassador High School seeks students who desire to achieve excellence academically, spiritually, athletically, artistically, and in every part of life. Our Moderated Tuition Grants are based on the belief that all students willing to meet the challenges of a college-preparatory education should be given the opportunity to participate regardless of a family’s financial means. Ambassador is committed to awarding financial assistance to families who demonstrate financial need. 


- Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0
- Student must participate in an extra-curricular activity year-round
- Student must be a full-time student

*If your student does not meet the qualifications for a Moderated Tuition Grant, please apply to view the amount that could be given should your student eventually meet the qualifications.


Apply for a Moderated Tuition Grant:
Families applying for moderated tuition will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation online.

To apply for a Moderated Tuition Grant, please click here and register as a new user! Please note there will be a $30 Moderated Tuition Grant application fee. If your application is not approved you will receive a $30 credit toward your tuition.

Ambassador Excellence Scholarship

Ambassador High School seeks to support and encourage students in student leadership, academics, athletics, the arts, and supporting the local community. If your child has excelled in one or more of these areas, applying for the Ambassador Excellence Scholarship is encouraged! The scholarship application is to be submitted in addition to the Moderated Tuition Grant application. 
Please complete the following application in its entirety If you have any questions about the scholarship application process please email our Admissions Department at or call the school office at 310.356.0950.

Please be prepared to provide information and fill out responses to questions in the following sections:

Student Information
Parent/Guardian Information
Academics and Career Goals
Music and Speech Related Activities
Church and Community Service
Leadership Roles
Other Student Activities
Student Essay
Student/Parent Agreement

Click Here to Apply for the Ambassador Excellence Scholarship