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Volunteer Sign-Ups

Volunteer Sign-Up

CLICK HERE to sign-up for volunteer opportunities.

*Parents are required to volunteer a total of 10 hours each year. In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed on the Volunteer Opportunities page, parents can also earn 1 hour for each PTO meeting they attend.

Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions 


Fun Food Friday Pick-Up

10:45am-11:45pm on Fridays / 1 hour

You may sign up for one or multiple pick-up days. Mrs. LaBree will contact you for your available days to pick-up food. All Fun Food-Friday restaurants are local to the Torrance area.



PTO Refreshment Pick-Up

Must be available from 5pm-6pm on PTO Meeting nights / 1 hour

Refreshment Pick-Up volunteers can sign up for one or multiple  pick-ups for the PTO Dinners. They will receive pick-up instructions from the Volunteer Coordinator and are responsible for bringing the food to the PTO meeting and setting it up. Pick-up volunteers will receive a reimbursement check for the food from the school office.


PTO Speaker Coordinator (PSC)

Year-round / 10 hours (fulfills volunteer requirement)

The PSC brainstorms ideas for potential PTO Meeting topics and uses relational resources in the community to help schedule speakers.


Volunteer Hours Coordinator (VHC)

Year-round / 10 hours (fulfills volunteer requirement)

The VHC coordinates all parent volunteer hours. They are responsible for updating parents quarterly on the amount of hours they have, suggesting volunteer opportunities to parents who need hours, and acting as the liaison between the school office and parents to answer volunteer questions. 




“One Big Dream” Party Host

Set up a date with Dr. Barker / 10 hours (fulfills volunteer requirement)

Host a party with 5-10 people to have a time of fellowship and hear a short “One Big Dream” presentation about the exciting future of Ambassador High School from Dr. Barker.