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Early College

What is Early College? 

Ambassador High School partners with a local community college for the Early College Program. Early College is a program designed to provide students with a structured set of classes during the four years of high school to earn both a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts Degree. When they move on to college they will have completed their AA Degree to save time and money for college!

What are the benefits to Early College?

  • College admissions could consider your student’s application as academically stronger because of the inclusion of a college course(s).
  • The credits might transfer to the college of your choice at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at the four-year college.
  • If the credits transfer, your student gains priority in registering for college courses at the college of their choice. 
  • Take fewer credits in college/slower pace
  • Double major
  • Move onto a master’s degree without incurring as much debt
  • Enroll in a more expensive school for a shorter duration

What courses are in the program?

Please view the form below to view the structured set of Early College classes. 

Do the college credits transfer?

More than 85% of colleges and universities (primarily public universities) accept credits from local community colleges. AHS can provide additional information on the transfer policies of specific schools where AHS alumni attend. Policies can change year to year, so students are encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding transferability of credits earned.
The Early College courses offered at Ambassador High School will transfer to a California State University or University of California campus (CSU or UC) through the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). These courses will also transfer to a majority of private universities. Parents are welcome to visit to check transfer credit for specific universities not listed above.

What are the risks taking college courses?

  • The credits might not transfer and you lose the money paid for the class.
  • If your student does poorly in the class that grade will be reflected on the college transcript. 
  • If the class is dropped after the deadline, W/F will be given by the college.